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Dr. Guy Drori, Psychologist

אודות פסיכולוג ד"ר גיא דרוריMy name is Guy Drori and I'm a psychologist focusing on adults' personal growth and development, using the Internet to provide online psychotherapy sessions.

As a graduate of an APA doctoral clinical program in the US, I have a considerable experience in helping people find their unique and meaningful road in life and supporting them in their journey towards that road.

Since I believe that spirituality has an important role in making us happy in our life and due to my interest in Buddhism, I specialize in bringing psychology and spirituality together in the therapy sessions.

Wherever you live on this planet, the Internet allows us to communicate and meet for therapy sessions using Skype, Whatsapp, or by phone. These therapy sessions can enhance your personal growth and may direct you towards success and self-actualization.

You are welcome to contact me at:

Skype Name: guy.drori
Phone: +972-52-545-4844

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